The Blendies 
What is in the Blendies?
The Blendies consist of only the highest quality ingredients with high nutritional values. All Blendies contain date, pea protein, psyllium husk, chia seeds, coconut oil, linseeds and sunflower seeds. Each flavour has some additional ingredients such as beetroot, spinach or raw cacao to make them as special and delicious as they are.
How do I use the Blendies?

It's as easy as counting from one to three until you have your delicious breakfast smoothie ready to go.

1) Crumble the Blendie into your blender

2) Add pieces of fruit or vegetable (fresh or frozen) and your favourite choice of liquid 

3) Blend it birdy!

How many Blendies are in one tube?
Each tube of Blendies contains 5 smoothie balls. This provides you with nutrient packed breakfast smoothies for an entire working week.
How long will the Blendies keep fresh?
Your Blendies will keep fresh for approx. 6 months. 
Where can I buy the Blendies?
For now, you can only buy the delicious Blendies here online. Soon you will also be able to purchase them in stores that would like to sell the Blendies. If you own a business and are interested in selling the Blendies, just chirp.
Which is the right Blendie for me?
It really depends on what you are looking for in your breakfast smoothie - try all different flavours and see which one you like best.
I have an intolerance - can I still have a Blendie?
The Hummingbird Blendies are gluten & dairy free, do not contain refinded sugar and are paleo and vegan friendly (except the Kids Blendie, which contains manuka honey). 
Ordering the Blendies
How long does it take for the Blendies to arrive?
All orders will be sent out on the next working day. They will arrive in 3-6 working days within Australia. Orders from overseas will take longer and should arrive between 8-14 working days. Once you placed your order you will receive a confirmation email containing all the information on your order that you need. If you have any questions about your delivery, please don't hesitate to send us a message!
What is the difference between Blendies Addict and Blendies Bundle Saver?

We offer convenient monthly delivery through our Blendies Addict subscription model. This includes a stunning double-walled glass flask absolutely FREE on your first delivery. This model has a nice chirpy discount and you may cancel anytime after a minimum of 3 deliveries. Our Blendies Bundle Saver is the newest model to hit the Hummingbird Nest which is designed for those larger purchases with no commitment required. This is a minimum 8 tube order with an even chirpier discount! Share the Blendies Bundle Saver amongst friends or simply enjoy them all to yourself!

What happens if the package is damaged?

If you have experienced a problem with either the packaging or Blendies, please contact us immediately and provide us with relevant information (images) and we will do our best to help resolve the issue accordingly.

Can I change or cancel a single order?

If you would like to change or cancel your single order, please make sure you contact us as soon as possible (same day) as once they have been processed we will not be able to do anything.

Can I order from outside Australia?
Yes absolutely! We offer international shipping to selected countries world wide! 
How are international VAT, taxes and duties handled?
Usually, orders are delivered without additional customs charges.
As a courtesy, in the event that you are charged VAT or additional taxes when your order is delivered we will reimburse for your expense. 
To be reimbursed for your expense, please collect your package and pay any taxes and keep the receipt. You can then submit a VAT claim by sending us an email to with all necessary information and we will refund the amount of the charge.
How do I cancel my monthly subscription?
If you are wanting to cancel your subscription, please just send us through an email to with your contact information and we will do this for you. 
What if I have further questions?
If you have further questions, you can send an email or ask on Facebook or Instagram.
Preparing the Blendies
What can I mix with the Blendie?
That's the great thing about the Blendies - you can add pretty much everything you like: fruits, vegetables, milk, juices, nuts and much more. You can even purchase our favourite coconut water (BEYOND) from the shop on our website or sign up for the newsletter to receive free delicious smoothie recipes created by us! If you would like to share your favourite recipe, use #blenditbirdy on Instagram and Facebook and post a picture of YOUR smoothie!
Where do I find recipes for the Blendies?
Just click here to see our newest recipes! In the meantime, check out the great recipe videos or photos on Instagram and Facebook.
Up- and Recycling the Blendie Tubes
What can I do with my empty Blendie tubes?

There are plenty of options what you can do with your empty Blendie tubes. The most creative one is to reuse the tubes - you can find inspiration for upcycling regularly on our Instagram or on our blog.
You can of course also simply send back all empty tubes to Hummingbird. Just use the same or a different box the tubes were delivered with. To be reimbursed for your expense, please keep the proof of lodgement from the post and submit this receipt by sending us an email to with all necessary information and we will refund the amount.